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CCY currency carefully selects the materials to work with in order to guarantee high quality products with short transport routes. The use of mostly natural fibers is beneficial for the wearer as well as for the environment, as they come from renewable resources and don't emit microplastic. They also have self-cleaning and temperature regulating features by default. The yarns are sourced from Italy and are cruelty free. ​​​​​​

Merino Wool

Merino wool is naturally a soft fiber, collected from the merino sheep, and is distinguishable in different grades of fineness. CCY currency only uses extrafine merino wool, which is of the finest grade and has an ultra soft and almost silky touch.  Knitted in light or medium weight, the 100% merino wool goods can feel cool on your skin in spring or summer while keeping your body warm in the cold. The thicker and fluffy merino wool brioche knit sweaters and scarves keep you airily warm in winter.  Merino wool regenerates itself quite well just by airing out, so not a lot of washing is required.


Superkid Mohair is the ultra light hair of young angora goats and the fiber with the lowest specific weight. As therefor it is such a delicate  material, it is often stabilized by longer and smoother fibers, such as polyamide, in order to keep the mohair from floating off and letting the knit stay in shape.  The Mohair yarn used by CCY currency is a blend of Superkid Mohair, extrafine Merino wool and polyamide, which is the most common fiber combination for high quality mohair knits, as this blend is actually beneficial for the piece's longevity.


For CCY currency's fusion pieces, which combine knit and woven fabric, we use either 100% natural fiber fabrics, such as silk or virgin wool, or deadstock options, which means that these are re-bought stock fabrics from bigger company's over-productions.


In order to secure a flexible production quantity, CCY currency produces most pieces on hand operated knitting machines in Germany, where all parts of the knit, such as the casting, the knitting and shaping are all executed manually. Another part of pieces, which due to advantages for their stitch patterns are better made on industrial machines, is made in a small scale production with a family-run knit manufacturer in Northern Italy. There, all steps are programmed in close collaboration with us, to be executed automatically and later linked together by hand. ​​​​​​​​​

Fully-Fashioned Knit

In either way of production, all CCY currency pieces are fully-fashioned knit, which means that the pieces are knitted directly in their final shape and linked together into the garment. In comparison to woven fabric, from which the pattern pieces are cut out, this is a great way of avoiding material waste and elevates the pieces' accomplished design.

What is Fusion?

The fusion/intervention technique is a way of combining knit with woven fabric, not only by sewing them together, but actually letting them interfere with one another. This is a CCY currency's own textile technique, which was developed by CCY's designer Henriette Zimmermann for the brand. This technique involves a lot of manual work, as the knit loops are carefully pulled through the fabric one by one. Due to the materials' different tensions, the permeated areas gather in playful pleats. Like this, the knit is at once a connecting as well as ornamental element.



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